We are all more powerful with a creative arts industry that thrives

This short article will consider some reasons why it is basic to support the numerous forms of art we have nowadays and what they can provide to our society and the human experience as a whole.

For sure, there are a lot of distinctive types of creative industries that express different messages in various forms, but what characterises them is, as the name suggests, the principle of originality and invention that makes up the essence of these disciplines. Individuals like Marianne Elliott have actually demonstrated how this concept of creativity could be used not only to improve the art itself, but likewise the message it is striving to convey, for instance by challenging the societal expectations of the roles that some identities are assumed to play. In shows, for example, even simply changing one factor of a character to make it part of a different social group can give an entirely new layer of meaning and depth to a piece of work, helping us think critically about the civilisation we are part of and how we can make it much better for everybody, for example with regards to equality.

One among the fantastic ways that cultural and creative industries can help uplift society is to provide the right representation of all the various kinds of communities that are part of it. Figures such as Alex Lacamoire have actually worked on numerous projects related to music and performance art that provide amazing prospects for men and women of all backgrounds, even those that might generally not have access to this specific industry as a result of the preconceptions of the sector. Bringing in performers from all sorts of cultural identities, for example, can assist build a more innovative environment with varied perspectives complementing each other, and set some milestones in the creative industries’ history. If the media and the arts that we all look up to celebrate diversity to build a stronger community, rather than divide it, it can only push us to a stronger collective society, which is why it is fundamental to support pieces that encourage this form of open-mindedness.

A very significant element of the cultural sector which must be looked after is its ease of access: in order for each and every member of society to make the most of the arts’ contributions, there must be options for it to be appreciated regardless of economic background, for instance. People like Sally Greene, who have actually been very involved in the production of various performances and shows, absolutely care about this idea, and would want their art to be available to every person. This is one reason why it is crucial to support all types of creativity and forms of art, as the important message that they communicate could actually improve somebody’s life and inspire them, and there should not be a barrier for this to happen.

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